The first Bike Ride of the year...

Last Thursday, I dragged the bike screaming and kicking out of the shed at some ungodly hour, and poodled like a crusty out of hell up to Aberdeen. It was the bikes "born again, doesnt touch a spanner, once a year service".

45 miles of adrenaline fueled red mist later, and I was at McGowans. I handed the key over and the service manager said - "Ah, no, your booked in *next week*". D'oh! The Buchan organisational skills strike again!

Still, twas a fun run up and down the road. The "first run of the year" allows you to observe just how crap your riding skills are after six months of attrophy -my cornering skills could be described as "cautious". And my stomach, which has been allowed to grow over winter, caused my arms to shorten, making it just a teensy weensie bit uncomfortable.

So - weight loss is in order. As July 9th is approaching fast, and with it the "Lardies Summer Holiday Bike Trip" to Nice. 2,000 miles of biking fun, across the Alps.

You can read last years exploits here: .