Around Europe on a Budget...

On Friday I flew Ryanair from Aberdeen to Dublin. Taxi into town, client visit and obligatory guinnii were consumed. Back out to the Holiday Bin at the airport, for 4 hours sleep. And of course the alarm call didnt come, so I bolted out of the room at 5am, then caught the red-eye to Frankfurt for a business meeting. Another train journey, cab ride, and a very pleasant 3 hour meeting, followed by (you guessed it - some steins of local beer). Train to Cologne, taxi to another Holiday Bin, and then the Red-eye to Edinburgh. Bus (involved in a crash, so I had to walk the last mile) to Haymarket, and then a train home.

Not bad for sub 400 euros, eh ?

This morning - car to Toytown Airport, flight delayed an hour and a 50 quid taxi ride to the customers. So if anyone sees me, and thinks I'm looking a little tired, you can understand.


But - now at a loose end for a few weeks, so actively looking for some *interesting* work now. Any takers ?