The dummies guide to Lotus Notes RSS feeds

To enabling RSS feeds on a notes view:

I've done this three times in the last four weeks, so I figure its time I wrote this up for you

1. Construct a view of your data that you wish to publish, and add an HTML column with the following formula:

rem {Firstly, construct a URL link to the original document. In my case, I'm hardwiring the URL - BAD!  -and constructing the Db Name. Then using a unqiue ID - Project ID in my case - to find the document };

link := "" + @Subset(@DbName; -1) + "/vRSSByID/" + @URLEncode("web"; projectID);

rem { Now for the RSS data itself };

"<item>" + @NewLine +

"<title><![CDATA[" +  bugTitle +  "]]></title>" +     @NewLine +

"<link><![CDATA[" +  Link + "]]></link>" +  @NewLine +

"<description><![CDATA[" +  projectID + @NewLine +  "Status:" + bugStatus  +  @NewLine "]]></description>" +  @NewLine +

"<dc:creator>" +  @Name([CN]; bugOpenedBy) + "</dc:creator>" +    @NewLine +

"<pubDate>"+  @Text(bugOpened) +  "</pubDate>" +    @NewLine +


As you can see, I'm using field "bugTitle" for my rss item title, using the "link" value as computed at the top for my link, and the description - body - will be the unique ID and the bugStatus field. This could be your "body" field.. Finally, fill in the creator field - usually the author of the document - in my case I'm using the field bugOpenedBy. And the date you wish this to appear with - @created works just fine

2. Construct a page with the following text.

Call the page something like "news.rss". (Remember to change all my hard-wired data - such as my name, etc, to things relevant to YOU!)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<rss version="2.0"









<title>HADSL SPR Feed</title>

<description>Software Problem Reports from HASDL</description>



<copyright>Copyright 2005 HADSL</copyright>


- <image>

<title>HADSL - the home of FirM</title>





<description>HADSL News Feed</description>


[The embedded view goes here!]



3. Now embed the view into the page.

replace the [The embedded view goes here!] with your embedded view.

4. Now point your favourite RSS reader at URL: http://<sitename>/<dbName>/<pagename.rss>


Disclaimers. it works for me, I dont know if its absolutely "correct", but hey - its cut+paste code