FirM v2 is launched

After what seems like months of work, HADSL has released FirM v2. FirM is a "Federated Identity & Resource Management" suite for Domino. This allows you to federate (and delegate) the administration of Lotus Domino ID's and resources out of the IT arena to the helpdesks or beyond to the business users. It also increases security and increases service response.

In order to better prepare ourselves for the relaunch, HADSL have appointed Ian Tree as chairman. Ian has been in the computer industry since there was a computer industry, and is widely regarded as one of the best enterprise-level visionaries in the Domino arena. Ian will be contributing articles to the HADSL web site outlining:

  • Utility based pricing models and the future of enterprise software aquisition
  • Federated directories, web services and effectors

Much more information can be found at the HADSL website at