teamstudio Script Browser.

Lotusphere 2005 had one shock in store for folks out there who write lots of Lotuscript. Lotus had promised a class-based script browsing experience in Notes 7. Why does this matter ? If you write lots of class based code, you *have* to put it all in one editable section and its a PITA to dig through that section, all the time. It makes it hard to find particular method or property calls.

Well, Teamstudio themselves decided that they could do better. And so they did (after a small beta effort which was passed around via Duffbert), and Script Browser was born.

Its even better in that it works with v6 (and probably v5). And its free. You can download it today, and I recommend that you do. Its by far one of the more useful code tools around.

Biggup to Craig Shumann for investing his time and effort in creating such a useful tool. And a big thanks to Teamstudio for allowing this to happen.