Ubergeek: What do you have in your loft?

God. Sometimes I wonder what planet I'm on. And looking in my "computer room" - okay - loft - I feel I'm extreme even by uber-geek standards.

Okay - doesnt everyone have cat-5 cabling throughout their house ? And two wireless LANS ? And a sparcstation - complete with 22" monitor. And a pSeries. And a linux machine. And a windows 2003 small business server. Oh - and lets not forget the plans to build an "Asterix" linux-based SIP phone system.

The funny thing - the pSeries has been switched OFF since november 2003. And on switching it on last night - it worked perfectly. Amazing. Okay - its only got 128mb of Ram, but Domino v6 still chugs along quite happily.

So. Am I extreme, even by Uber-geek standards ?