Feed Me Better

UK School dinners have been revealed as providing low-grade, highly reprocessed food. UK chief Jamie Oliver (he of the "mokney" fame and master self-publicist) has actually spent the last 18 months going around schools and getting the meals improved.

With some dramatic results. In one school, attention spans rocketed, ashma disappeared and behaviour improved dramatically. And he managed to do it far cheaper than the boiled stodge/junk food that was being served already.

(His demonstration on "mechanincally reclaimed meat" was astounding.  Pick a chicken carcass clean - thats the "good stuff". Bung the carcass in a liquidiser, and sieve out the bones. Thats mechanically reclaimed meat. Lovely. I'll never do KFC again)

My wife works at a school up the road. Scotland is supposed to have a *better* regime than England, but it still can be improved. So why is this important ? Down in the D,E,F social groups, the school dinner is the only properly prepared, non-fast food meal that a lot of these kids get. They come into school hungry and unable to concentrate. Frightening stuff. Their usual "diet" at home is fish+chips, pizza or chinese takeaway. And you wonder why childhood obesity is rocketing.

So - get your weight behind this, even if your kids arent even school age yet. Because they will be some day.

(Ironically, the ONLY time in the last 200 years that EVERYONE in the UK actually got a balanced diet was during the second world war. Amazing, eh. The fourth (or fifth) biggest economy in the world, and we cant even feed ourselves properly.)

(Biggup to John Baxter for booting me up the backside to publish this)