The joys of Broadband

Broadband. After 5.5 years wait, we have it. Excellent! So - in order to get the best performance, you have to plug your broadband router into the "master" BT socket - the first one that comes into your house.

So. Where was it ? Its a big house, granted but its *not* that big.

Remember. I *hate* DIY. With a passion. And the thought of me wearing my silverstone racing flame-retardent boiler-suit and crawling under the floorboards - urgh.

Up came the floorboards. And like all our other houses, we found a good sized space below. About 4 feet. (Not as good as Dundonald Street in Edinburgh, where we found a complete 1,000 square foot flat below our floorboards. Honest. The plumber almost broke his leg getting down there).

So I went for a weee explore, crawling around under the house. And of course the wife came. And the sprog. All three of us crawling around underneath the house. How do you spend *your* friday nights ?

Anywhoo. The search for the master socket failed. The cable came up through the bathroom (I jest not! The bath side came off...), and out of the loft.  Some other strategy required. So tomorrow, the game continues..