Guiness is good for you.

However, after two nights in dublin, trading drinks with two irishmen and a dutchman (who got a room upgrade to a p*rn star suite, including roaring log fire!), I can confirm that large quantities isnt quite as good as it could be.

I got the "alarm call from hell" this morning (as I requested) at Wynns hotel, Dublin (recommended budget hotel). I got out of bed, left most of my clothes there, got in a taxi, and flew to Birminham. Then an hour in a taxi to work. I think  I woke up in the last 20 minutes.. If anyone saw "Jabba the hut" snoring on the plane this morning, t'was me...

You'd think on my third visit to Dublin, I'd remember ? Och, well, perhaps next time.

Someone commented that they could see I was busy as my blog wasnt being updated quite as often as it could. Agreed. I'll put more time in my life for blogging this week - promise.. (Oh, and putting the link mechanism I have on the right into the standard blogsphere template.. Finally!)