Och, what a weekend

Left Stratford on Friday night and poodled like a puppie out of hell up the motorway to Birmingham international. And got stuck for 90 minutes, cos some idiot in a white van tail-ended someone in a Renault. Quite serious - four fire engines and two ambulances (I think), and all six lanes of the motorway shut.

Bugger. Arrived just in time to see my plane taxi-ing. Still, the very nice KLM staff put me on the later flight for no cost. Result!

EHV friday night. Its amazing. You think you know someone. You've worked with them for years. Got drunk with them numerous times. But till you see them in "Squarebob Spongepants" slippers, then you know nothing.

Saturday - Amsterdam and a birthday party.  Thankfully the geek bloke's girfriend invited all her very pretty Graphics Design friends. Lovely time, especially in a two-hour boat trip around Amsterdam. Nice.

Sunday. Alarm call in the hotel didnt materialise. Work up 20 minutes before departure time. And despite a 1.5 mile run (with two bags), still couldnt get on the flight. And had to buy a new ticket this time - ouch. So instead of getting home at 10am, t'was 4pm instead. Not the flavour of the month. So I had to iron my own shirts. God. I know there's a robot shirt-ironer, but wouldnt it be cheaper to hire someone to do it ? Nightmare.

And this morning - fighting through the blizzards and the "outside lane owners club" traffic to get to Aberdeen airport again. The Audi - lovely car.

So - this week. City of London, Dublin then back to Stratford. A 7 airport week. Should be interesting...