"London or bust"

I had to drive from the sleepier, more rural, and infinitely prettier end of the M40 yesterday into central london for a business meeting. God. People do this every day - no wonder there's so much road-rage. What a nightmare. And of course, not learning from the previous three times that MS Mappoint got me lost, I used it again - and got lost.

However, I did end up beside the British Museum in the most interesting car park I'd ever seen (bear with me here). You go down a ramp from an innocent-looking piece of grass. And keep going down - about five levels. In a spiral. In fact, in a DNA-shaped double spiral. It felt like it was the off-ramp to some secret government underground bunker. Or hell itself. Whilst expensive (and stocked full of this years latest expensive german and italian penis enhancing sportscars to prove it), it did have a clean toilet. So it was worth it then.

Follow this by a 10 minute walk in the pouring rain to Covent garden, where I had precisely three minutes to shake like a dog and look presentable. Not the 90 minutes I'd originally intended to use wandering around and treating my daughter to some new Doc Martens.

Missed another meeting in Twickenham, and of course slept in this morning, and had to face the horrors of the western M25 at 7am. For an hour. For three miles.

Still, once I'd escaped the gravitational pull of the Death Star that is the M25, I actually made it to work in time. Not bad considering a round trip of 300 miles, endless pain and much teeth being gnashed.

I think next time I'll subject myself to the horror that is British Public Transport... Its ironic really, being a Domino consultant and not being able to work from home all the time. I think God is laughing his t*ts off at this one.