Diet time again

After a 2 week holiday over Xmas in Orlando, followed by the Lotusphere week in Orlando, my weight understandably suffered some growth. McMerican portions border on the "insanely fattening". Shoneys in the Dolphin for instance - the smallest steak was a full 16 ounce.

And so its diet time again. Classic "meat-only" atkins again - its now week 2. Lost 6 pounds last week, and on track to do the same again this week. I'm positively shrinking away to something. Which is good.

However, the side effects of Atkins, from a biological point of view are pretty horrible - luminous urine, "keytone" breath smell, and some other stuff far too horrible to list here - make it a real pain in the a**.

Another few weeks and I'll be back to my normally "overweight-chubby" as opposed to "fat bastard".. I hope.

Bacon, sausages and fried eggs sounds great, but after 10 days of them. God, the grease...