its time for change

From late last year, a comment from Peter de Haas (Dutch Marketing guy from MS) has been haunting me.

Basically he said (perhaps flippantly) that finding non-MS alternatives is a "hobby".

This cut to the bone.. And has been gnawing away at my soul ever since. As a jobbing Notes Guru, I need a working system - I dont have sufficient time to learn a new operating system. Sometimes, I *have* to sleep with the enemy (or "enema" as I first typed).

But its the holidays. So I decided to take a big big plunge - and convert the blingmaster 2000 laptop to native linux. Dont fear, Peter. It'll still have to run *some* MS software as I find alternatives - even I'm not that good.

But I'll document each (painful in some parts) steps along the way to living without the beast of Redmond.

(Of course, what I really wanted for Xmas [aside from an video iPod of course - its waaay waaay cool!] is Tiger on my Dell XPS Gen 2 gaming "wurlitzer". Perhaps next month, eh ?)

So - fedora core 4 is being installed. Firefox only. My Windows life will have to co-exist on a VMWare partition.

Its a small step for mankind, but a helluva leap of faith for your favourite short scotsman, believe me.