Merry Christmas!

Christmas day was a hoooot.

I had foolishly promised to cook the Christmas meal for the family. Foolishly, becuase I cant cook. So after three frantic, sweaty and painful (various burns and cuts) hours in the kitchen, we sat down for a wonderful dinner.  Only a few minor disasters - like forgetting the peas (I found them three hours later in the Microwave), etc. Actually, that was fun....

My wife, daughter and mother-in-law had conspired to give me an iPod video for Chrismas. The screen on this tiny device is amazing.. The first movie I had to download and test (and pay for!) was the Pixar short, "The Birds". Wow.

Given that I already use iTunes, setup was a doddle. Plug it into the USB port, and wait five minutes as 7 gig of tunes gets downloaded. A wee 30-second web session to register the device. Very very simple. So simple in fact, I'm sure  *anyone* could do it (and judging by the iPods success, everyone is).

Actually, thats a very good comparison of Microsoft and non Microsoft software. If there were a portable MP3 device from MS, I'm sure that the setup would take three hours, involve upgrading random bits of operating system (as well as completely irrelevant parts such as Office), involve a reboot or two, download 30mb of fixes from the internet, and leave you with a non-functioning device. (This is based on my experience with a windows-mobile device).

Afterwards, cleaning up the bomb-site of a kitchen, iPod plugged in, I suddently realised just how addictive the things are....