What a fantastic day!

Just spent 4 hours in a teleconference/sametime demo with some customers in Scandanavia.

During that, a very nice box of chocolate from the prominic guys appeared via the postman - thanks!

And the Christmas Card from spuggy


The postman gave me this *look* (I was on the phone, standing in my dressing gown) and said "Is that you?"... "Ah. yes... ". (I do like the "moose-loose" part.. The "King" part is a long-running joke with his kids...)

Once I'd re-appeared from that, my HADSL colleagues informed me that I should check my mail...

And what do I find in there ? Why a Purchase Order.. The Sales team at Percussion had just landed a very very nice pre-Christmas deal for us - good work fellahs!

Can this day get any better ?