Its been an insanely busy week!

So some snippets:

  • Craig  Schumann of Teamstudio is now blogging here. And has some seriously cool developer tools to download (such as the Lotusscript object browser). These guys are really pushing the boundaries. In my experience, Craig is a supremely talented coder, and seems to produce amazing work. Well worth watching.

  • I've spent a week building a "windows service" which sits on a machine, and uses the Domino objects COM service to do Notes work. (I will be converting this to use web services at some point). Several things about this

    • It was suprisingly easy to do. Bear in mind I've not touched VB since 1994!

    • The Help available within Visual Studio for doing this was either too high level ("Yes you can") or ridiculously low level. I had to rely on google to find ONE website that showed in five lines how to constuct it.

    • For some odd reason, I cannot yet build a clean installer that will install this thing. You'd think after loading 2 GIG of stuff on my machine, some decent installer would be there ?

  • A customer asked us this week if we could incorporate "Alternative Language" support within FirM. It was *surprisingly* easy. Kudos for the guys in Westford for coming up with this architecture. Even down to the pick-list on our forms for choosing a language - they had an @function call that populated the list for me. I think it was all done bar the documentation in about two hours.

    Compare that with the THREE WEEKS trying to parse AD to get a list of valid and mandatory properties for a person object ?

  • Documentation. The bane of my life. The guys who do Camtasia also do Snag-It  - an excellent screen shot taker.

  • Really good support this week from Ed Brill and the Lotusphere team - we found there was a promo event and within 24 hours were included. Nice work. The whole lotusphere organisation from a speaker and Business partner point of view has been really slick. its shaping up to be a good Lotusphere - we have good product, the market is gaining again, business confidence is up. For instance, the BP showcase is now almost full - and if thats not an indicator of success, I dont know what is.

  • In terms of Lotusphere, great effort is being expended making this a really successful trip for HADSL.

    • We have four people on our stand now (including me) - our new addition is an old friend, who just happens to be one of the best software salesmen on the market.

    • We're involved on a "stamp-to-win" promotion with a number of other stands.

    • We're considering the stand give-aways this year. As well as the regular "fun" thing, we're considering giving away rather more special gifts (still under the 15-buck limit of course) to our old buddies. So you'd best visit us.

    • There was a bet I made back in the spring with a certain person regarding what we'd wear at Lotusphere. So its entirely possible that I'll be there in my kilt. Be scared.

  • Lotus Notes/Domino v6.5.5 is now out. This is good news as there's quite a number of bugs fixed. Though it has to be said in my experience that 6.5.4 has been very stable, very reliable - one of the best Notes builds. And 6.5.5 is better ?

  • Xmas is coming, and I've not even installed my Inflatibles (blogs passim) in my garden yet. See how busy I am ?

  • My XDA Microsoft Mobile phone has reached new lows of unreliablity. Switching itself off, suddenly draining the battery, crashing when I answer the phone, etc. I have another few weeks of this then I'm getting a real phone. Poshibly some blackberry style thing. Never again will I put "microsoft in my pocket".

  • Our partnership with Percussion in reselling FirM is reaching new highs- I'm in London on Monday talking to a customer. So if anyone fancies a wee drink on Monday night, I'll be in the cigar bar in Wardour Street, Soho ? Nothing too harsh, it being a school night, etc.

  • Skype 2 beta - videoconferencing - after two weeks - is still damned good. Chatted with Ivan Petrov (fellow Penumbrian) this week - both of us in dressing gowns, and Ivans daughter pulling his hair - lovely wee thing. It brings a far more human face to the chat or the mere voice call. Recommended.

Phew. Slept for 12 hours last night - making up for the 3-hours a night each night this week. Finally feeling partially human again.