MS Visual Studio 2005 - ready for shipping.

This is an important, linked event for Redmond. The whole future is bet on VS 2005 shipping *now* and being a core tool in the new! improved! MS strategy.

So why did they screw it up ? A sample snippet: "It's completely amazing to me that VS.NET 2005 RTM, after a big cycle of testing, alphas, betas and LOTS of community feedback, can be this buggy."

This is really really bad news for Redmond. This is worse than the mess over Visa Reset, and far far worse than the Kodiak fiasco. This is the core development tool that they and the entire MS Appdev infrastructure will use for the next 5-10 years, and core to their new collaboration strategy. MS started as a developer tools company, for fricks sake!

And it appears that Visual Studio 2005 went to manufacturing in a mess.

It all just points to complete management failure - again. The same folks who cant even organise a demo of a product...