Workplace Services Express v2.5

Spent a whole day looking at WSE Express 2.5 yesterday. A few things that I wasnt aware of:

  • Its very cheap. Seriously.

  • Its not restricted to a single box implementation as I had mistakenly thought. You can, if you wish, run it with a separate machine hosting LDAP, another hosting database, etc.

  • You can now run it on DB2 Express v8.2

  • Using a single box, DB2 solution, you can get pretty impressive numbers serviced.

  • Cloudscape implementations are there for demo/sub 10 user pilots.

  • Workplace designer can be ran against WSE.

  • Martin Smith - the old head of Philips Diamond project, is now the workplace./portal sales manager for the UK, and can enable BP's (such as myself) in selling WSE.

  • Sharepoint is NOT free. Sharepoint services - the stuff built into win2k3 is "free" in as much as you've purchased the platform. Cost per user for a "proper" sharepoint installation - such as running on MS SQL, instant messaging, and of course Sharepoint Portal server (the only "portal" server out there that doesnt run on Java, and of course cannot therefore support JSR168 - so the word "portal" doesnt mean "open standards" portal). It'd be interesting to see costs-per-user of a "properly" configured sharepooint "portal" server config versus WSE 2.5 on DB2 Express.  I suspect WSE will come in 2-4 TIMES cheaper. And thats ignoring the openoffice editors that remove the need for your users to run MS office (150-300 bucks saving) or the fact you can have your users run Linux clients (another 100 bucks saving on windows licenses).

  • Sharepoint portal server 2003. Whats the roadmap for this product going on ? No-one knows.

  • IBM are very agressively targeting MS customers and "whitespace" customers with WSE 2.5.

  • Workplace designer will define the workplace platform, in the same way that the domino designer defined Domino (in terms of application development)

Very very cool stuff.