Today, I passed my apdev and system admin upgrade exams for ND7. Both of them nailed in 25 minutes - a little faster than the 150 minutes recommended for this.

This means I'm a dual-pclp in v3, v4, v5, v6 and now a dual-CLP in ND7. They havent yet defined what makes a PCLP in nd7 yet. Once they do, I'll be one of them too...

Others ? Java 2 Dev, Werbsphere 4 admin, dev, Portal v5 admin and Dev, and a (now lapsed) MSCE in NT. Dual-CLP in cc:Mail v2 and v6.

God, am I a sucker for exams or what.

Does it help you get work ? Not in the slightest. What it does do is ensure interviews with potential clients. And of course, most folks feel intimidated by someone this qualified, so its actually harder in some circumstances.

if I didnt mention these exams, talked less, drooled (more), and wore *worse* ties, I might be richer...