Exchange 2003 vs Notes.

This made me laugh out loud. Ferris stating that there's a third party tool out there that enables Exchange 2003 to fail-over in a DR situation.

So tell me why Exchange doesnt fail over automatically - as Domino does. And as Notes has been doing since clustering was made public in what - v4.5 - 1997 or so ?

Come on. We've had active/active notes clusters - and robust multi-platform/multi-version and now (in ND7) multi-database (NSF and DB2) ones since v4.5. Around the time Exchange first shipped.

And Exchange clustering and failover is still not automatic ? And at this rate - the E12 release - they're still stripping features out ?

(Mind you - active/active clustering in Exchange 2000/2003 didnt actually work much, so not much of a loss.)

Another example of the excess hype about Exchange. Its only "cc:mail" with lipstick and rouge, built using the Jet engine. Its not actual collaboration. Remember that. (Why else did they drop "public folders" for sharepoint?)

And why comment on this ? So that for the poor sods out there transferring their mail from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003 - they know that things such as Exchange clustering and DR are false promises, constructed from the fantasies and reflected glare of the shiny suits from marketing. You thought you were getting more reliability.. ?