Sara. Dan. Its hat-eating time!

There's this journalist called Dan Lyons. He hates three things. Open source, Notes and Blogs. His recent dribblings is all over the front of Its fun.

And there's Sara Radicati. She predicts the end of notes as often, and is as wrong, as Dan Lyons. She also hates bloggers. She calls Domino Bloggers "sickos" after she was caught fudging figures and astroturfing Ed's Blog. She also tried to get Ed fired, and Bruce fired.

Both are evangelical about Microsoft. So much so, its like reading Redmond Press releases.

Can you tell I'm rather sick of this?

You would have thought just ONE of their friends at MS would have mentioned that Ray Ozzie has started Blogging again.

(For those not keeping up. Ray is one of three CTO's ( Volker corrected me ) of Microsoft, and is spearheading the Redmond Revolution).

So their assertions:

  • "Notes is dead"

  • "Open source is dead"

  • "Blogs are dead"

Are all wrong.

Dan. Sara. Its Hat-eating time!

Xmas has came early...! (Kudos to Bruce and Ben! And can I be in the meeting at when they ask Dan for an explanation ? Pleaaaaaseeee?)