Exchange 12 may slip...

According to Mary J Foley at Microsoft watch. Ironically, as I read her page, what should appear at the top but a Domino 7 ad:

Which does rather make me laugh out loud. MS keep claiming that Notes is dead, etc. But the last shipped version of Exchange 2003 - is just up to service pack 2. And the next version - "12" - wont be till 2007 (at least, IMHO). Thats FOUR years.

They *must* be packing huge amounts of features in, right ? Ah. No. It'll be 64-bit ONLY. (The same author goes on in another article to say that Exchange Server Standby clusters are only just getting decent support).

Ironically, there's a MS Exchange 2003 "unplugged" tour going on right now, encouraging folks to unplug their ageing Exchange 5.5 servers -something I heartily agree with. There's gotta be a few of them for MS to commit 6 heavy-hitters to a roadshow like this.

Of course, I wouldnt ask the customers to "upgrade" to Exchange 2003 - surely they've suffered enough ?