"Over the sea to Skye..."

My parents experienced a really bad thunderstorm last week - and as a result, the very very old dell PC they used died for the last time.

So I pursuaded my dad to finally install broadband (it recently became available in Skye) and I'd go up with a PC.

Aria were doing a DIY (no hard drive or cd-rom, no keyboard+monitor) PC for 99 QUID (About 170 American Pesos). So I toodled up on Friday night to Skye.

Its 255 miles away, and the weather was awful - 70mph winds, and various bridges around scotland being shut.

"Pah!" I said, "I laugh in the face of Mother Nature!".

My darling daughter had decided that she wanted to co-pilot the mini-cooper on this daring rescue mission.....

Well. It was *hairy*. An hour before we got to the bridge, the radio kicked in and said "The Bridge to skye is now shut to all vehicles".. Oh well. Lets keep going and ask at the bridge when it was to re-open, I thought.

We got to the bridge, expecting a roadblock. But no. Just a large electronic sign and a number of other cars. Occasionally, a car would disappear in the direction of "over".

Now, I dont know if you've seen the bridge to Skye. Its a monster. Its very very tall - you can fit a battleship beneath it. And going over in a 70mph gale, in a car smaller than a Suburbans glovebox isnt sane...

But - after I saw a Range Rover head over, and not come to a sticky (or watery) end, I thought - "dammit!".

It was odd - I was convinced that the wind would get under the front of the car, and blow it *up*. Thankfully it was coming straight onto us.. After a new set of underpants - we were across. Only a volcanic mountain range (no, thats not my mini - this is my mini) to cross...

And so we got to my parents house.... As soon as we unpacked the PC - the power in the "upper" half of Dunvegan went out. So - not much PC installing at that point.

Still, by the laptop battery, we confirmed that the broadband was actually working - and - the jammy old sod - was getting 2mb. Twice as fast as me!

Sitting in candlelight, driving the USB modem from the laptop battery, my daughter on MSN chatting to her friends. Surreal.

The power stubbornly refused to go back on, so we went to the only place in the village (or so it seemed) with working lights - the pub...

Ahh well. Alls well that ends well. On saturday, we had a multi-way skype between myself, the parents, the two sisters, and my nephew and niece in San Antonio. So that rather made up for the hardship.