Apologies for the changes in colour over the weekend...

I've been playing with the annual site redesign... I know I'll never make a graphic designer...

Oh - and the table in the previous article now renders in IE.

Its like this:

  • I have a Div section, which has a defined width
  • I then define a table, and set the width to 100%
  • Now, in the real world, I know that the text area inherits the canvas dimentions from the Div area, and the table sits within that constrained canvas
  • So can some Redmond Rocket Scientist explain to me why IE6 decides to render the table across the remainder of the screen, completely ignoring any Div constraints?
I mean, its not as if IE has been revised in the last two years. You'd think this would be fixed, yeah ? But. No. The world revolves around Redmonds bugs, and over time they become "standards". Another very good reason to ditch the increasingly aged IE6 and embrace open source, open standards..