Some odd bits of trivial for my own reference:

  • Lotus Notes mailfile hacking. You cannot use JPEG files (via images) as mail message logos. They dont print preview. They dont print. They just print out a grey background. Gif's work fine (two hours investigation!)

  • You know about the reserved field name "secretEncryptionKeys". Well, hows about "publicEncryptionKeys". Not in the (client) documentation, and you can create it on a form. Enable one or more other fields as encrypted, and its seemed to want to create an encrypted version of this document, using the people listed in this fields' PUBLIC keys. Which is very cool, and could in some circumstances negate the need for shared encryption keys. (AdminP uses this to encrypt a "reset http password" AdminP request that can only be processed by the current AdminP server - which is how I spotted it. For those hard-core coders out there, this relates to the "NSFNoteCopyAndEncrypt" API call to which you can either pass a list of encryption keys, or a canonicalised list of target users..). This appears to be a standard part of the lotusscript "notesdocumentclose" routine and would be really useful if it didnt redbox the client (on v6.5.4)

  • DONT use "center" as a vertical alignment type in a table row, and then use "hide-whens" to optionally hide rows of text within that cell. If its the last item thats hidden, the centering is off (as I suspect the position calculation is done as it parses the CDATA and runs out of fingers). The mail memo form in the mail6.ntf has a really good example of this. Simple rule of thumb with hide-whens - keep em simple, keep em clean, dont nest them...

  • Completely different subject. 3G ( the high speed new telephone protocol) requires more base stations as they have a smaller range, share the bandwith between the users in the net (which limits the number of people that cell can service quite dramatically), need to be at "below roof height" as opposed to current G2 standards of "put them high", and of course still cost scadloads of money. So much more base stations required. Which is why when you purchase a 3G phone, you should check operators coverage. Places like Aberdeen - borderline. Rural Scotland - forget it. (Hi, Laura!)