My weeekend (and my thoughts on careers)

Was mostly spent helping redecorate our bedroom.

God, I hate DIY...

I'd much rather get someone else to do it - but here's the fun part. Some buffoon 20 years ago decided to tell everyone to get jobs as computer geeks, lawyers, accountants and other simliarly useless careers. So there's no more plumbers, joiners and builders. And if you find one, its harder than getting a reliable operating system out of Microsoft to actually get a local tradesman onsite in less than six months.

My local plumber works less hours than I do (I think - I do about 60-70 at the mo), earns far more and seems to have a far more fun time. I dont for one second think badly of him for that - I just wish I'd taken up a far more lucrative trade than computer geekdom - such as Plumbing, joinery or being a bricklayer. (Some bricklayers on the Terminal 5 project are getting one hundred pounds an hour ...)

Whats your dream career ? What would you have changed ?