iPod and iTunes.

Okay. Squid did well in her exams. So - Xmas called for an iPod. They were like hens teeth over here - so we chose to get one in Orlando.

I must have trekked around every frigging mall in Orlando. Finally - Millenium Mall - found one for $375. Thought - $75 over the asking price, but its 4pm on Xmas eve. No other chance. Said to the guy:

"Oh - I need a mini-firewire to iPod lead - where can I get one"

"The Apple Store"

"Oh - where is that" (thinking - 20 miles drive, etc, etc.)


Crap. Walked in and they had four pallettes of iPods. Amazing. And at the correct $300 price. Sigh. Got my shit and departed

(Again. I cant use Macs. Shame really, as they're beautifully engineered, fantastic user interface, etc. Just I'm not gay or working in the Graphics biz. Pity. [Stand back and await flaming..] )

Typically, the iTunes and iPod interface is faultless, and soon is ripping 2gig of MP3s and iTunes Store music to the iPod.

I'm going to have to engineer some catastrophe in order to get one for myself. They are damn sexy.

Oh - before you feel too bad about me being ripped off -the McMerican Peso was $2 to the pound - so even with the hundred bucks of accessories, was still cheaper than buying in the UK. So when I go back for The Fear, methinks I'll import a few...

(You know, I didnt want George W Bush to get back in. But if it means that the American dollar is sooo low its cheaper to shop at Walmart in the States than Walmart (Asda) in the UK - including airfare - I might change my mind. And the other ironic thing is that the US trade deficit is in the trillions again - meaning that countries like China and Japan now own the US. Remember when the US trade deficit was so bad, it was rumoured that Japan was going to swap a few trillion in debt for the state of Hawaii? (I think it was George Bush senior as President at the time)

Being in debt to nations such as China might actually make George W actually do some "Foreign Policy".)