After a hectic islands-of-adventure dash (thrice on dueling dragons, twice on Hulk, twice on Spiderman, once on Jurassic Park) and a long chat at the bar of the Hard Rock cafe, I got to bed at 1am.

Got up at 6:30, and found Wouter in the next bed. Ah. Then off to the Swan to do techprep and setup for 7:30am, and my presentation at 8:30am. The demo got completed at 8:27...

Folks who I met said it was great - just the right mixture of humour and tech. It seemed to spark some discussion.

The bottle of whisky was refused by the winning questioner - so we thought we'd go to the speakers room and redefine "ask the speaker".. T'was nice.

Then onto Guru-palooza. A lack of haste on my part meant that I was in the front row. Good fun, lots of good questions. The whisky made an appearance on stage, and I presented Alan Lepowsky with one of the "minatures". (Declan later gave his to Ed Brill).

Closing session was hilarious - Steve Wright gave us an hour of one-liners - I was aching.

Now its off to Downtown, House of Blues for supper and the Cirque. Lovely.

Photos will get posted tomorrow.