Phew. Its busy. Very busy.

Roy and I crashed the ISSL party, then went over to the microbrewery for a long and fun session with Dec, Terry, Spug, RobM, Paul Mooney, Mrs Doyle, etc, etc.

We think there should be a session next year: "What not to do with Lotus notes". or "How to install like an idiot". Some classic war stories out there. The funniest was the four-server configuration where the "consultant" actually installed each server with a new name+address book. And then cut+pasted the documents between each NAB. Nothing worked - wonder why.

Or the punter who used AdminP to remove the LocalDomainServers group. Painful.

Bearts my "LocalDomainServers in Terminations group" story. But not quite the "Hey, lets switch on public key checking two hours before going live on a 110,000 user"...

During a run to the loo, I bumped into Nils Hansen from IBM Copenhagen. He's now in the competitive team... Good to catch up with him.

My bottle of whisky was carried aloft around all these festivities.

Now remember - her little sister - the Highland Park 12-year old - is up for grabs at my session on thursday morning - "BP107 - Object orientated programming" in Swan 10 at 8:30am.