Lotusphere day 2.

Last night, I ended up at the on-site steakhouse, for a truly HUGE steak. The biggest they had - 48 ounces - looked like a baby calf. I settled for a 22 ounce steak, and decided never to eat again.

Dinner with Dec, Terri, Warren, Kitty, and Terri's friend (who's name I've forgotten). Fun. A nice convival evening full of Nun jokes. Oh.


This morning - went to the innovation presentation - hosted by Mike Rhondin, Ray Ozzie, the head of Deuche Bank, and a few others. Long discussion on futures, which was nice. Not often you can hear industry leaders kite-flying.

Then onto the "Whats new in Domino 7". Whats new ?

  • Db2 of course.
  • Better server performance. No kidding. 30% minimum, 300% maximum (on Linux). Those guys have done some amazing things.

The IBM project manager then came on and stated that 20,000 folks were running beta 2, and 50,000 due to be on beta three by the END OF FEBRUARY. Isnt that bigger than the WHOLE of Microsoft ? Oh - and 400,000 on ND7 by the time it ships. Isnt that taking "dogfooding" to a whole new level ?

ND7 supports 10 platforms. Yes. 10. 9 more than Microsoft support on exchange. The two new platforms - Sun Solaris on Opteron and PowerPC/Linux (from IBM) - no commitment as yet. It could be categorised as "we've not committed yet, but at the same time, not discounted the possibility". Encouraging, as both of these platforms are very cheap, fast, and could form a decent SMB offering.

Bumped into Mick Moignard - who it transpires is an old Buddy of Ian Tree. "Its a small world.."

Long chat with Andrew Pollack, and up to my room to chill.

Oh - my Olaf T-Shirt came in today... Must find the Brill (who's lost his voice, BTW. Its not often you can get a word in edgeways - make the most of it). His evil twin Lepowsky had dropped the "gangsta" baseball cap look, thank god.