Lotusphere 2005 - it starts.

Sitting in the audience. Guest speaker is



Ambusj. 120m notes users. "Where is Exchange going?" 1,500 companies migrated to Notes last year. Domino 7 + workplace 2 integration complete and available this summer.

Then RAY OZZIE..! . Wow. He got a (and in fact, the only) standing ovation

Mike Rhondin - head of Westford (who had the misfortune of sitting next to me at the Penumbra Dinner)

Maureen Leland - quick lotusscript web services demo

Back to Mike. 70% speed improvement on domino servers - and 300% on linux. Wow.

Domino Domain Monitoring

Ron Sebastian - various mail template, administration expamples.

Back to Mike. New service - web conferencing service. Can call out - and the moderator can MUTE folks. Yeah!