Parties, Parties everywhere..

And not a drop to drink

I was at the Penumbra dinner at fultons crab house this evening, in the esteemed company of Mr Goyal, a henchman, the CTO of lotus, and the chap who runs Westford engineering.

Wow. Talk about drinking from the firehose.

Observation number 1. All of the Lotus folks fear Ambusj. Why ? Is he a dictator? Unreasonable ? No. He's very very very smart. And when his attention focuses on something, you'd better be ready to defend yourself. Its not a fear-based culture - but there is some realisation that the guys at the top are paying *close* attention. Very close in some respects.


Observation number 2. Remember this mornings blog post about Andrew Pollacks' Websphere designer stuff. Well, remember I said that core notes technology is wrapped up in there and presented as a web-based workplace/eclipse client page. And remember that Linux is one of the target platforms ? The  Linux guys have been screaming for a native client for years - and via this route, may get one pretty soon.

Observation number 3. The workplace stuff is kicking off big style. Imagine being able to run Linux clients and workplace, and being able to rid yourself of ALL microsoft software ? its close. Check out the workplace v2.5 "editors" for office-suite-style stuff.

Observation number 4. Linux as a domino server started as someone's hobby, and has slowly gained credibililty. Workplace install on windows 2000 - 60 minutes. On linux, same machine, 17 minutes. Mainstream anyone ? I mean - check out Daniel Nasheds notes on Domino/Linux implementations.

Observation number 5. Newbs' family burbon is fantastic.

Observation number 6. Host a party in your room for the great and the good, and interesting things happen. Like a skanky trio of kids gatecrashing.

Observation number 7. Blogging at 4:20am isnt a good idea.

Observatino number 8. Exchange is dead.  Office can be replaced. Windows is not necessary. Microsoft should be worried. I hope there's someone awake at the wheel.

Off to bed, perchance to sleep. Tomorrow/Today is another day.