Enterprise Support.

Now, we've had various discussions over enterprise support and Domino in this forum and others. And we keep banging on how good Domino is at supporting other platforms.

At the current customer site, we've got a very old, OS/2 specific gateway product. Which I thought we were restricted to using v4.5.x of Domino with. I mean, after all, OS/2 went out of support before 2000.

But no. There's a version 5.13a of Domino server for OS/2 - dated April 2004.

Amazing. I'd forgotten that OS/2 was a supported platform for Domino v5.x. Almost 5 YEARS after OS/2 went out of support.

Compare and contrast. NT is now out of support, as by definition is Exchange v5.5. Where do *those* users go if they dont want to go Exchange 2000 and all the upgrade pain that involves ?

I'd recommend they consider a Domino express offering, on a linux platform. With the "outlook" connector. Perhaps worth going to DGA for that - they being domino and linux specialists ?