So whats up with Exchange

See this link via Ed.

Reading the article, we hear the word "Jet". Its described as "creaky".

Its more than creaky. Its bloody MS Access for gods sake! Yes - the great cc:mail killer from the mid-nineties (for that was what Exchange v4.5 was initially built as) STILL uses that technology to store critical business infrastructure. Hilarious.

This reminds me of some Tree-based Bin Bar discussions on databases. Yes, things like DB2 are very very fast at "normal" database queries. But the Lotus Notes database, evolved over the last 15 years or so (remember, transactional logging in v5 - that came straight from the DB2 team), is highly tuned for collaborative use.

Even harnessing the power of DB2 in ND7 might not lead to many speed improvements in the inital couple of releases - you should view the ND7 DB2 integration as a method of storing, exposing and integrating Domino data with DB2, as opposed to some huge general speed improvement. (Granted, more "normal" applications will fly - but mailfiles ? Perhaps not).

Getting databases to fly this quickly takes a lot of time and patience. Remember this when MS *finally* release whatever version of Exchange on their *new* database structure, whenever or whatever it is. Be scared.

An old war story - My Big Sis was on the same site as one of the early MS Exchange v4.5 beta sites. And watched as members of the development team from Redmond had to come on site and sort stuff out.

So you have a choice. Move or Stick to Domino - cos it works. Or take your chances with "Redmond Roulette".

I'm personally sick of this - a strong competitor for Domino would drive the marketplace forward. As it is, Exchange is very weak, but the differences in marketing seem to make the marketplace view it as a worthy contender.

Och, if only IBM would actually agressively market Domino. Things like "No Viruses, Clustered Servers, No Fuss colaboration". Any other suggestions ?