Im Back!

Yup. Returned this afternoon from my two week vacation in Orlando with the wife and kid (and another family containing some of kids' friends).

Phew. Busy. I think I only did about eight hours computer time in the last two weeks - which is good. However, after madly park-hopping for the last two weeks, I feel like I need another holiday.

So - normal service has been resumed.

We returned to a mountain of mail - thanks to everyone for sending cards, etc. Notably, using "Aberdeenshire, Moose-Loose-Land" worked fine for Spuggy, much to our amusement.

McMerican was ace the first week, followed by the busiest I've ever seen Orlando + the parks the week after Xmas. Craziness to attempt much in that week.

After 10 days of eating "park" food, tucking into decent Italian, and saying "Wow - this tastes of food" was funny.

Right. Much more stories to come out later - shower and sleep first.