Blood Pressure?

At the doctors first thing yesterday, getting my blood pressure taken. Dont fear - its just a meaningless medical for some dammed insurance policy. Thank god he took it first thing in the morning, as yesterday was nothing more than 12 hours of pure hell - two separate doctors, two motorbike shops, Marks and Spencer (guaranteed to raise the blood pressure, that one), Lunch at the Aberdeen beach (but not on the sand). To cap it all off, the dog had a vets appointment, and is going under the knife today.

On a positive note, the "rewriting of the LSX" took a huge leap forward last night, with all functions being successfully tested on Solaris.

Did I mention that you should Buy Normunds Book ? I wouldnt mind, but the content of his book is something I specifically asked someone at Lotus to provide in the C-API documentation back in 1999. Wonder how a lone gunman like him can beat the massed development effort at Westford ?