Brought a tear to my (glass) eye

Today, the postman battered on my door, provoking the usual stream of profanities, keystone-kops running around, (Hey - Casa Buchan is *big*!) and getting dressed whilst hopping. Why ?

IBM had sent me HAD Software's Premiuer Business Partner Certificate. Snif. An emotional moment.

Course this doesnt change things one iota. We'll all still be struggling to find decent paying work, and we'll all still be confused about IBM's future direction - still trying to track the 800-pound gorilla in the marketplace. Nice that we have a piece of paper to recognise our position as "premier "Dazed and confused"...

Interestingly enough, the junk mail improves too. I've been invited to join the IBM Partnerworld for software review board (whatever that is) - something that allows us lowly peons to feed back to IBM I guess. And the best bit of junk (e-)mail this morning: The Mainstream! This issue of the "IBM eServer zSeries and S/390 software newsletter" offers some advice on lowering costs, and something called Autonomic tooling. Sounds vaguely suggestive.

It cracked me up as these itsy bitsy S/390 systems are HUGE. And surely less than a million of them have ever been manufactured in the last 40 years. Meaning that blind-eMailing every tom, dick and billy out there seems odd. Surely these names exist (perhaps on tomes of granite) in some hallowed IBM Uber-customer-service department ?

And on more personal news - one half of the "evil twin" partnership - Ed "The Brill" has taken the job of "head of Sales" in Domino within IBM. Which means he's jumping around stage, taking the p*ss out of the competition. A natural progression from what he did before, which was pretty much jumping around stage, taking the p*ss out of the competion. I think. I'll await the clarification (or "Slap" as its known in the trade). Good Luck Ed! All the best! (When your rich, dont forget us..)