Mmm. Bike...

I took the bike out for a wee countryside hike tonight, on some old stomping grounds. Its the same "calibration" road that I used to ride the Hornet around. I'm continually amazed how much more mature the ZZR-600 is on uneven, bad, wrong-camber surfaces. Stuff on the "light-headed" Hornet I would have done at least 10mph slower. In fact, some of the "signature" corners where I traditionally sh*t myself just flew by. I'll have to rig up the digital camera to the instrument pod so you can see what I'm gibbering about.
Oh and some t*sser in a blue BMW tried to race me down the motorway. God. What planet does he think he's on ? The bike - which is slow for its class (and 14 years old) - still does a standing quarter mile faster than he does/did nought to sixty.

So the thought of doing 1,200 miles from Amsterdam to Lake Geneva next month isnt as scary as I thought it might be.