Catching Up

After almost a week of non internut connectivity, various threads to catch up on:

Ed Brill seems to be having a blogwar with various "same-IP" M$ supporters. Amusing.

Volker has finished his Jockanese trip. I'm annoyed that I didnt make more of an effort to catch up with him, and the recent Wedding meant that I was in Germany on the day that he was closest to my house. And he stayed in the same village in Skye as my mum+dad. See, the world is a small place!

Coatsie has mentioned that this blog was listed as one of the 'Best of the rest' blogs. [blush]. Ahh. Its difficult being compared with the likes of Ben Poole (for example, and the rest of them!) as this blog is just an outlet for my mostly cynical ramblings on life, the universe and everything... This has reminded me that some folks out there might actually want some technical information out of me now and again, so I'd better get my digit extracted..