Something technical for a change - code "overtaking"

Its a rather interesting problem, upgrading applications in Lotus Domino.

Most functions are upwardly compatible - there was a couple between v4.x and v5.x, but nothing worth being concerned about.

However, one thing that we all demanded was more functions and more classes - and v6.5 delivers these in bucketloads. You get a slightly different problem.

For instance, iDM has about 50,000 lines of script. One function we had defined - "ArrayUnique" - has been "overtaken" by a built-in Lotusscript function. Thankfully, it had a different signature, so it failed compilation. Fixing it was nothing more than renaming our function, and fixing all occurrences. Not a big deal.

But imagine doing this with 8,000 appilications ? Difficult.

What I'd like to see is a database of all lotusscript and formula language functions, showing which release they were introduced. This'd give two benefits - showing you the oldest version of notes that code would run on, and more importantly, if an old piece of code has defined a function or sub that has been "overtaken". And possibly a utility that would scan all code in a database to check... Has anyone else seen this issue ?

And the million dollar Question is - would anyone pay money for such a utility ?

(Again - compare and contrast. With M$, this doesnt exist, as each new version needs a new client, etc. Rip+Replace does have one advantage in this respect..)