Hup Holland

Travel Nightmare. Landing at Schipol at 10:30pm, missing the last train to customer destination. Best train option - 2am 50km away.
So I hired a car. And zoomed up the road, expecting to be there in an hour or so. However, after two days of beating myself against the M25 in London, I came across a 1.5 hour delay on the Amsterdam ring road - how appropriate.

1am - and got to customer destination. 1am in Holland on a "student night" is not pretty. Still, after 20 minutes driving around, found a hotel. And begged. And begged. And they gave me a room - nice folks. So if your stuck in Leuwaarden, the Bilderberg Orange is *nice*.. So stuck in the snug bar tonight, fast internet, and Palm beer.. Mmm... Damn the expense..!