Another Day at the office. A photo-story..

Here at (REMOVED), they have the ever loved (REMOVED) running domino servers. Visualise a large box containing a bunch of mutant hamsters, all running on little wheels, and you get the idea.

We had CI's IT supplier - some purveyor of boxes - come in and state that the reason the machine wasnt performing slicker than a slick thing, wasnt that the hamsters were tired (oh no! Very fast hamsters!), but due to us having application databases on a (REMOVED) format.

So far, so strange.

So muggins here had the low-flying incontinent elephant of scope creep positively bury me in a mound of steaming actions yesterday.

So I had to figure out how to (from a windoze mouse-organ) tell the hamsters how to fix the ODS using fixup/compact. Of course, teeth-and-cufflink consultants from outside added to the fun by stating that the domino server had to be down. (Its a chicken/altar sacrificing intersection - like stroking a lucky gonk or asking your imaginary friend for the Lotto numbers). Having been previously in the teeth/cufflink business, I recognise pure bull when I smell it. I *think* they wanted the hampsters offline in order to maximise the grief for a laugh. (Yes, I *would* have done this also. Some customers deserve pain).

Back to the story. Still with me ? Anywise, my mouse-organ had to send (REMOVED) command line entries to the hamster farm. Nothing as smart as a telnet session you can pipe a file into, or a decent remote command. Hamster farms have been around for a long long time, but missed out that "pipe" style functionality that Eunix has.

So in the end, your heroic elephant-poo target got a batch file written, piped into the M$ FTP task, which then runs a remote (REMOVED) command, which then invokes fixup and compact.

Seriously, the command looks like:
quote rcmd (REMOVED) server(servername) cmd(call (fixup) parm('DbName' '-J')) batch(*no)

quote rcmd (REMOVED) server(servername) cmd(call (compact) parm('DbName' '-c')) batch(*no)
Isnt that cool ? I'm an iSeries guru now! I've just managed to extend the glorious hamster farm by tubing together my mouse-organ to the farm. Isnt that a wonderful image ?