Drinkies tonight - the (REMOVED) 6pm till late.

My nominal "leaving do" from (REMOVED).
You'd think that with only 8 days to run, the low-flying elephant of scope creep keeps dumping new tasks on me. But no. Mounds of the stuff keep spattering me. "Today, Matthew, I think I'll be an (REMOVED)!".

Still - the nice thing about being a contractor is the "no responsibility" and the "hard end-date". (Not to mention the money). The end-date is getting more and more attractve over time.

Looking forward to June - new customer, portal stuff, and a weeee trip back to Holland, hopefully.

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.. "Go towards the light, Bill, go towards the light".

(And vaguely chuffed that I'm leaving with my sanity - unlike poor Spuggy).