Be careful what you wish for!

I want a home unit which has the Tivo Electronic Program Guide, records to hard disk, is on my wireless network and can save to DVD. And will replace my video unit (Arent video's really *retro*?).

The price of these type of units has been falling from a thousand pounds to about five hundred for "brand names", and theres a no-brand french unit kicking around for 365 quid. That one even has a removable hard drive enclosure bay, and can play divx. So very close.

However, my pain point in terms of cash is well below this. Pain as defined as "my wife will hit me if I spend that much money without her express authorisation".

So in a moment of feckless enthusasim, I started bidding on an e-Bay tivo unit. And blow me - I damn well won it!

Ouch. Have to tell the missus.

So - I can attach it to Tivonet via a wireless adaptor for very little, and presumably hoover down the programs I wish to save to DVD (the wife's machine has a burner).

Anyone else doing that ?

Oh - and the other Tivo immediate upgrade is a nice big 160gig disk, so my daughter wont fill up the initial 40 gig with "Charmed" and the "Simpsons"..