Living in the country and having lots of grass for the dog to bound around on does have its drawbacks. Such as the ten large bin-liners full of grass at my gate, and the three hours it took me on the ride-on-lawnmower to cut the damn stuff. Getting quite good on it - changing gear, dumping grass, drinking tea and lighting cigarettes, all without stopping. Course, quite a lot of tea got slopped, and I almost set fire to myself twice, but it was worth it.

And the 120m worth of hedge that I had to cut. Course, being small, it involved leaping into the air, shouting "I am your Father, Luke" and taking a swipe at it with the hedge clippers. (I wasnt wearing the "Tron" or star-wars costume, unfortunately. And no - no photos exist).

After a long lie-down, I spent the whole of today at work. Which is a shame, as it was wonderfully sunny. Had the pleasure of biking to and from work, and a good covering of insects both on my visor (I'm not going to say "Helmet") and on my face itself... Useful protein, bugs. As Kemit says, "Time is fun when your having flies".