My very old laptop

- the one before "Monster", broke the left hand hinge on the laptop screen one week after it came out of warranty. of course. About a week after getting Monster.

I've spent the last year and a half trying to get a replacement hinge - it finished up with a quote from dell for 250 quid! Much much more than the unit is now worth.

So yesterday, at the local hardware shop, I saw some "Plastic Padding Steel Weld" glue. And thought - hell - for a fiver ? lets go!

The hinges on these laptops undergo huge strain when the lid is opened or shut. 30 minutes of fiddly glueing later, and it held.

Lesson for the day. Break the hinge on your laptop screen at your peril. But the local hardware shop can help quickly and very very cheaply...

(Someone should start building these hinge assemblies and selling them - they'd do a roaring trade. Especially with Dells, as I'm led to understand that they have this particular problem in *spades*.