New Flaptop?

Think I've scored a new Dell Inspiron 8600 off eBay, for the princely sum of 750 quid. Not bad for Pentium PM 1.7 (equiv to 3.2 gig), half a gig memory, 80 gig hard drive, 1900x1200 screen, built in Wireless, DVD Writer, etc. The cooolest thing about this model is that it can take 2 gig of RAM. Perfect for that portal/workplace and VMWare frenzy gigs.

Wonder what I'm going to call this one ? My current inspiron 8200 doesnt really have a name aside from "Monster". It *does* have leather wristrests, so perhaps some biker name might fit.

Amazingly, the wife didnt actually kill me for needlessly spending money, cos she's eyeing up this laptop has *hers*. Funny things, women. Completely unpredictable.

(And I can just hear Salty shouting at his screen - "You just cant spend it fast enough, can you!")