Bike Day

Had a big Penelope day yesterday - 125 miles with the missus on the back. Funny - a high-pitched screaming noise would kick in at 75mph, and something would start slapping the back of my helmet at 80mph. Nice day for a run, even though I didnt have her above 7,000 RPM (which is a shame, as she does get interesting around 9k, and downright lethal at 14k..).

Only one "stupid car driver" moment when some muppet didnt see me overtaking him - he pulled in sharpish. And the wife - bless - gave him the finger. Well, she meant to, but the wind forced her to give him a thumbs up instead.

Amazing woman - Nursery nurse during the week, and biker at the weekend.

Oh - and some eeejit tried to run over the front of the bike in a car park - so she growled at him.. Fierce woman..