Well. It had to happen. A sudden rush of money to the wallet - and as Salty says - "You cant spend it fast enough". At 3:30pm, this came out of the cupboard:

And by 5:30pm, I was the proud owner of "Penelope" (following in Spuggy's fashion of naming all wheeled vehicles after women). This is what she looks like from the side:

So what is she ? She's a Kawasaki ZZR 600. A Sports tourer, as opposed to an all out supersports. So you can toodle along for hours on end, and not have to be peeled off at the end by a shrink or an osteopath. Quite a lady..

She's quite old (and was therefore quite cheap - insurance - 100 quid!). And gives big grins. Her 98 bhp gives her a top speed of 150mph, and Porsche boxster beating acceleration. Well, I did beat a Porsche coming out of Aberdeen tonight.

And the gut has to go. Its getting between me and Penelope...