B2b Goes mad with categorised views

Well, not quite. I've went bananas within iDM version 2 to drive all view and transaction information away from configuration tables, into being data driven from a configuration view and formset.

So what do I mean ? Well, for each of our (24+) transactions, we developers would have to develop two views - one for profile information, and one for viewing that particular transaction type. Yuk. So - I've built another categorisation view showing the transactions by type, and then feed that to a radio button or whatever. It still got tedious to see 24 choices in one place, so its been categorised into four main transaction types, that then drive into a config view (by category) in order to get a subset of transaction types. Which is then used to create the second radio button. On selection, an embedded view then uses this second selection to show only those transactions.

Still with me ? So its all data driven - six views (in total) instead of 48. And of course, as we add more transactions, no more views.

Okay, its not rocket science, but it does show you what visual trickery you can get up to when you have to. Oh - and the "Lipstick and rouge" guy hasnt worked his magic fingers on it yet...